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Welcome to ACardTCG ~Room 6, 19/F, New Treasure Centre, 10 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong

Delivery Policy

Online shopping local delivery service :


-Our store only accepts SF Express to payon delivery, so the delivery is shown as zero in the shopping cart, but it doesnot mean free or paid by the store. The actual shipping fee is subject to theshipping fee paid by SF Express when delivering the package.


- The customer has not picked up the goodsafter shopping on this website for 14 days. The store has the right to cancelthe order and dispose of the goods without notice.


- Please refer to the SF Express websitefor details on SF Express freight charges.


-If the receiving address you fill in isthe SF store / commercial address in various districts in Hong Kong, we willsend it by SF Express.


-Our store will reply to customers duringbusiness hours. Our staff will follow up orders and respond to customerinquiries from Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and Saturday from 2:00pm to 5:00 pm (customer service office hours ) . Outside office hours ( Orderinquiries received on Sundays and Hong Kong public holidays will be replied assoon as possible after the holidays .


All product pictures are for referenceonly, the actual product shall prevail


For overseas orders, the freight will becalculated according to our company's standard.


Additional remote delivery fees apply insome areas.


Order shipping time :

- The inventory displayed on the website isonly for customers to place an order, the actual inventory quantity can beinquired with the store staff if necessary .


-Each online order can only be shipped tothe designated address one times.


-All items in stock will be shipped to youwithin five working days after the order is completed.


- If the order contains spot andpre-ordered goods, we will first send Spot goods will be sent out, andpre-ordered goods will be sent out when the goods are on sale , the customerpays the shipping fee for each shipment.


- Working days, excluding Sat/Sun, publicholidays .


-Our store uses Hong Kong dollars as thetransaction currency. If other currencies are displayed on the website, theyare for reference only, and all transactions are based on Hong Kong dollars.


delivery terms


- Our store will first confirm that thepayment has been properly received and the party will arrange to send the goods


- Hong Kong pick-up customers can choosethe appropriate pick-up method during the payment process: pick up the goods atthe store or deliver by delivery.


-By the way, the smart locker address canrefer to this:http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/EF-Locker/


- For the address of SF Express ServiceCenter, please refer to this link:http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_service_center_address/


- For the address of SF Express, pleaserefer to this link:http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_store_address/


-When the goods are sent out, customerswill receive an email notification, and they can know the delivery status ofthe goods through the tracking number and link


- Customers who choose to pick up theiritems at the "EF Locker" must go to the designated EF Locker to pickup their items within 24 hours, after which the goods will be returned to ourstore


- For all items returned to our store,please contact our store in the "Seller and Customer OrderCommunication" column on the order page to confirm the delivery method andbear the freight for re-shipment ( pay on delivery ) .


- The actual delivery time ( from thedelivery date ) is subject to the information provided by SF Express. In caseof factors such as statutory holidays or bad weather, the actual delivery timemay be delayed.


-Please provide an accurate deliveryaddress and phone number. If the delivery is delayed, lost or / and additionaltransportation expenses are incurred due to incomplete information, the storewill not be responsible


- Only one address per order can be sent.


Overdue pickup


Customers purchase all the goods in thecompany. If the delivery is overdue, SF Express and the warehouse will generatestorage costs. This fee shall be borne by the customer. All goods must bepicked up within three days after delivery. If the delivery is overdue, SFExpress will The goods will be returned to the company. When the customerretrieves the overdue goods, he needs to bear the storage fee and shipping fee.In addition, if the goods are overdue within two months from the date ofshipment, the goods will be handled by the company itself, and without furthernotice.


ACardTCG - https://www.acardtcg.com has theright to change the terms and conditions without prior notice, and the right torefuse to replace the product; in case of any dispute, ACardTCG will have thefinal decision.


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